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... and GDB (version 7.0.1) Lamp : php 5.3, mysql 5.1, apache 2.2.14 Core : Kernel 2.6.32, IPTables 1.4.6    ...
2. Howto setup framebuffer on centos or redhat
(Documentation/Mini Howto)
... the kernel line : kernel /boot/ ro root=LABEL=/ Example : kernel /boot/ ro root=LABEL=/ vga=0x305 Value of VGA : 0x307=1280x1024 ...
... dedicate route on the network device you have defined : # route add -net netmask dev eth0 Result on routing table : # route -n Kernel IP routing table Destination     Gateway         ...
4. Howto protect your grub with a password
(Documentation/Mini Howto)
... in blue with your hash password. default=0 timeout=5 splashimage=(hd0,0)/grub/splash.xpm.gz hiddenmenu title CentOS (2.6.18-164.el5) root (hd0,0) kernel /vmlinuz-2.6.18-164.el5 ro root=/dev/VolGroup01/LogVol00 ...
5. Howto use and resize partition with LVM
(Documentation/System Documentation)
... create, resize or extend linux partition easily without a repartitioning of you server. About LVM : LVM Version : LVM2 -> kernel >= 2.4 LVM1 -> kernel 2.4 LVM Level : PV : ...
6. Howto create a logical raid Volume with mdadm
(Documentation/System Documentation)
... error 16: Device or resource busy. The kernel still uses the old table. The new table will be used at the next reboot. Syncing disks. Now we have created the partition but the kernel don't know the partition ...
7. Linux command Line
(Documentation/System Documentation)
... see echo example. Statistic and Information System free : free  displays  the total amount of free and used physical and swap memory in the system, as well as the buffers used by the kernel.  ...
... parport3 net/tun ppp console null zero Now you have to change the module limitation and reboot your system. MODULE LIMITATION In the kernel, you have to allow more creation of loop device. There ...
9. Bonding or Teaming for redhat Server
(Documentation/System Documentation)
... we have to ckeck if you have all kernel modules. #modprobe --list | grep bonding /lib/modules/2.6.*/kernel/drivers/net/bonding/bonding.ko #modprobe --list | grep mii /lib/modules/2.6.*/kernel/drivers/net/mii.ko ...
10. IPV6
(Documentation/Network Documentation)
... Address types (host part)3.4. Prefix lengths for routing4. IPv6-ready system check4.1. IPv6-ready kernel4.2. IPv6-ready network configuration tools4.3. IPv6-ready test/debug programs4.4. IPv6-ready programs4.5. ...
11. IPTables IPChains with IPAC-NG
(Documentation/System Documentation)
... is down you don't have access to the gateway and you can't leave the network. You can't use IPAC-NG with a promisc interface because the kernel drop all packet with iptables when all traffic come from ...
12. Mon
(Web Links / Monitoring solution)
"mon" is a tool for monitoring the availability of services, and sending alerts on prescribed events. Services are defined as anything tested by a "monitor" program, which can be something as simple as ...
13. Debian
(Web Links / Operating Systems )
Debian is a free operating system (OS) for your computer. An operating system is the set of basic programs and utilities that make your computer run. Debian uses the Linux kernel (the core of an operating ...


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