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1. Best Cacti Templates for Brocade
If you are a brocade user's those templates can help you to monitor your fabric Brocade Simple Brocade FC Switch Query Download and Documentation Brocade ...
2. Howto install cacti with threshold
Type : System Operating System : Linux Cacti is one of the most important monitoring solution if you want to see the graph of cpu usage, load, mysql activity, apache activity and more. With cacti ...
3. Best Cacti Templates for Printer
...  Novel Netware printer template Download and Documentation Printer MIBS Download and Documentation Monitoring HP ...
4. Best Cacti Templates for APC
... and Documentation APC UPII Monitoring via Windows Download and Documentation APC rack pdu Templates Download ...
5. Table of uptime
(Useful/General Information)
...  438 18,25 The best way to determine an uptime of a internet solution is to place different monitoring tools on different places to reduce the routing problem. With those differents solution's ...
Type : System Operating System : Redhat,Fedora,Centos Like all system administrator, you want to know what happens on your server and what users are doing with your system. Psacctd is a daemon very ...
7. Best Cacti Templates for Windows
... and Documentation At last - Windows Services monitoring with WMI! Download and Documentation Windows 2003 Domain ...
8. howto manage or monitor your dell hardware with openmanage
(Documentation/System Documentation)
Type : System Operating System : Redhat,Fedora,Centos In this article i propose you to explain how to install the open manage solution provide by dell for the monitoring of the DELL hardware. The ...
9. Print Graphics
This web page give you some graphics about the quality of ping from my server present at luxembourg to the selected website Graphics: /var/www/ ...
10. Ping Latency
(Tools/Networks Tools)
This web page give you some information about the quality of ping from my server present at luxembourg to some important website present in different part of the world. Website List: /var/www/ ...
11. Bonding or Teaming for redhat Server
(Documentation/System Documentation)
... is use for the monitoring of each ethX each 80 milliseconds, but you can use also a arp_ip_target like this other configuration for this module. #vi /etc/modprobe.conf alias bond0 bonding options bond0 ...
12. Best Cacti Templates for Cisco
... Cisco CBWFQ monitoring Download and Documentation Cisco Router - Class Map statistics Download and Documentation ...
13. Best Cacti Templates for Server
...  Supermicro Monitoring (Voltages, Fans, CPU/Chassis.) Download and Documentation   RELATED ARTICLES Best Cacti Templates for Mikrotik Best Cacti Templates ...
14. Best Cacti Templates for Application
...  O OpenVPN Download and Documentation Monitoring Oracle Download and Documentation ...
15. IPTables IPChains with IPAC-NG
(Documentation/System Documentation)
Web Site : Type : Network Analyser Operating System : LINUX,FREEBSD,UNIX PAC-NG is a trafic and packet counter, he read all the information in the IPTABLES table. With ...
16. pmacct create by Paolo Lucente
... like billing, graphing network resources usage, live or historical traffic trends analysis, management of network thresholds and SLA monitoring. Often SNMP counters do not help because of their coarse ...
17. Mon
(Web Links / Monitoring solution)
"mon" is a tool for monitoring the availability of services, and sending alerts on prescribed events. Services are defined as anything tested by a "monitor" program, which can be something as simple as ...


Updated list of Best Cacti Templates for Application based on linux or UNIX system's
I have added new templates links like protocols statistics, powerdns, disk i/o, freeradius , ....