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1. Table of uptime
(Useful/General Information)
...  \ DownTime Availability Second Minute Hour Day 99,999 315,36 5,256 0,0876 0,00365 99,998 630,72 10,512 0,1752 0,0073 99,99 3153,6 52,56 0,876 ...
... : sum of system and user time in cpu second "real time" in wall clock minutes sum of system and user time in cpu minutes cpu-time averaged core usage, in 1k units command name Other example ...
... linux or windows, you have to split your system with different partitions : partition on first controler for the OS partition on second controler for logs partition with the most important throughput ...
4. Howto install ruby on rails with mod_passenger
(Documentation/System Documentation)
... seconds that an application may be idle before it gets terminated.PassengerUseGlobalQueue - Enable or disable Passenger's global queuing mode mode.PassengerUserSwitching - Whether to enable user switching ...
5. Howto create a logical raid Volume with mdadm
(Documentation/System Documentation)
... 14 Hidden FAT16 <3 61 SpeedStor a9 NetBSD f4 SpeedStor 16 Hidden FAT16 63 GNU HURD or Sys ab Darwin boot f2 DOS secondary 17 Hidden HPFS/NTF 64 Novell Netware b7 BSDI fs fd Linux raid auto 18 AST SmartSleep ...
6. howto manage or monitor your dell hardware with openmanage
(Documentation/System Documentation)
...  First Option : You can download all package from this site Second Option : You can add the repository dell on your server, with this repository you ...
7. Bonding or Teaming for redhat Server
(Documentation/System Documentation)
...  max_bonds:Max number of bonded devices (int) parm: miimon:Link check interval in milliseconds (int) parm: updelay:Delay before considering link up, in milliseconds (int) parm: ...
8. IPV6
(Documentation/Network Documentation)
... - HowTo (maintained) There exists a second version called IPv6 & Linux - HowTo written by me (Peter Bieringer) in pure HTML. It was born April 1997 and the first English version was published in June 1997. ...
... creation start time. --step|-s step (default: 300 seconds) Specifies the base interval time in seconds. DS:ds-name:DST:heartbeat:min:max ds-name is the name you will use to define the data ...
10. IPFM
...  OUTPUT TIME DELAY Syntax: DUMP EVERY < time > [AFTER < time >] < time > is composed of : < number > second(s) < number > minute(s) < number > hour(s)  ...


New Traceroute tools from Germany Site
I have integrated in my tools list a new traceroute from Germany site.