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1. Howto install cacti with threshold
... cacti-plugin-arch: Go to your cacti folder # wget # unzip Now you have to patch the ...
Type : System Operating System : Redhat,Fedora,Centos Like all system administrator, you want to know what happens on your server and what users are doing with your system. Psacctd is a daemon very ...
Good news for all apache users : Apache 2.2.12 contains SNI, and you can now serve multiple SSL hosts on one IP address. Link  ...
4. Howto install ruby on rails with mod_passenger
(Documentation/System Documentation)
... the Users Guide for security and optimization tips and other useful information: /usr/lib64/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/passenger-2.2.5/doc/Users guide Apache.html Enjoy Phusion Passenger, a product of Phusion ...
5. Linux command Line
(Documentation/System Documentation)
... it. Click Here to see zless example. more : More is a filter for paging through text one screenful at a time.  This version is especially primitive.  Users should realize that less(1) provides more(1) ...
6. how to use mysql command line for management
(Documentation/System Documentation)
... have to create a user : flush privileges is used for reload the rules and right of all users for each databases #mysql -u root -p database mysql>grant all on database.* to user@localhost identified ...
... users MaxClientsNumber 2 # Fork in background Daemonize yes # Maximum number of sim clients with the same IP address MaxClientsPerIP 5 # If you want to log all client commands, set this to "yes". # This ...
8. HowTo install mod_auth_mysql for apache
(Documentation/Mini Howto)
... auth; mysql>CREATE TABLE users ( user_name CHAR(30) NOT NULL, user_passwd CHAR(20) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (user_name) ); mysql>CREATE TABLE groups ( user_name CHAR(30) NOT NULL, user_group ...
9. Best Cacti Templates for Cisco
... Prefixes count SNMP query Download and Documentation   Firewall Cisco Pix - Authenticated VPN Users Template Download and Documentation ...
10. IPV6
(Documentation/Network Documentation)
... Technical 1.5.1. Original source of this HOWTO This HOWTO is currently written with LyX version 1.5.1 on a Fedora Core 7 system with template SGML/XML (DocBook book). It's available on TLDP-CVS / users ...
11. Nagios
(Web Links / Monitoring solution)
Nagios is a host and service monitor designed to inform you of network problems before your clients, end-users or managers do. It has been designed to run under the Linux operating system, but works fine ...
12. freshrpms.
(Web Links / Packages of linux distribution)
... the packages I used to, and more of course! A whole community of users, testers and contributors has grown around the website and its packages, which is something I really didn't expect but really enj ...
13. Pbone
(Web Links / Packages of linux distribution)
RPM PBone Search" is a tool for users of Linux RPM based distributions. The aim of "RPM PBone Search" is to find the name of rpm packet which contains file given by user. It also supports "provides", "changelog", ...
14. Suze
(Web Links / Operating Systems )
... community of users and developers, who all have the same goal in mind — to create and distribute the world's most usable Linux. openSUSE also provides the base for Novell's award-winning SUSE Linux Enterprise ...


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