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Home Documentation Network Documentation howto create vpn connection under windows xp

howto create vpn connection under windows xp

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ype : System
Operating System : Windows XP 32 bits 64bits

This mini howto explain how to create vpn pptp under a XP 32 or 64 bits

First Step you have to create the VPN device in your xp via the Control Panel and your Network Connection.
Now click on Create a new connection and you arrived on this page :
We can start the wizard for the creation of a vpn under windows XP
Select the option connect to the network at my workplace
Now select the Virtual Private Network connection
In this screen you have to defined the name of your futru vpn connection
This screen give you the choice to initiate a connection like a VPN or a dial up with a modem before your VPN.
But if your are in your own network or if you are behind a adsl box and link with network connection you dot need to dial a another connection.
This field need the domain name or the IP address of your remote VPN server
This screen allow you to share the VPN with all the user create or present on your station.
Now your VPN connection is successfully create, you have just to validate and click on finish.
You can go in your network connection and click on your new VPN connection and you arrived on this screen.
Here you have to enter the login and password transmitted by your network administrator.
By default your connection is created in the protocol PPTP but you can change it in your properties menu.
If you have a firewall and an error to establish the connection or a reply in an error message than explain "Your remote server don't replied answers" please check if you have allow in your firewall the port 1723.
If you are using a router or box to connect your network with internet and you want to establish VPN connection to a another place with VPN, please check if your solution allow GRE protocol and or enabled the passthrough option for the vpn
Last Updated on Saturday, 30 January 2010 22:42