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1   Link   Pbone
RPM PBone Search" is a tool for users of Linux RPM based distributions. The aim of "RPM PBone Search" is to find the name of rpm packet which contains file given by user. It also supports "provides", "changelog", "summary" and "description" rpm tags. System with these properties is especially helpful for users who install or compile new software but for some reasons haven't installed all of the required librares or files and are not able to investigate what rpm packet is missing on their system. Additionally you can narrow search down to a few releases or to one Linux release. "RPM PBone Search" is also designed to locate RPM files on various FTP servers. You have the possibility to choose one or more Linux distributions. "RPM PBone Search" is still under development. All suggestions and comments concerning the functioning of the system please sent by this form . All the suggestions are analysed with attention and if at all possible are put into practice. Thank You for giving me support for what I do. All funds I'll receive I'll allocate for new hardware which is very necessary
2   Link   freshrpms.
Unlike many people think, is not (yet?) a group effort. In late 2000, I started building quite a few rpm packages for my own needs, that couldn't easily be found elsewhere, or at least not so well suited for Red Hat Linux. A few months later, the website on which these packages were hosted changed its name to become what people know today. A long time has passed and I still maintain all the packages I used to, and more of course! A whole community of users, testers and contributors has grown around the website and its packages, which is something I really didn't expect but really enjoy.
3   Link


New Mac IPAD and hardware specification

The IPAD is now revelate by apple. It looks simple, powerful, cool, green and mobile.


9.7-inch 1,024 by 768-pixel
1 GHz A4 CPU from Apple
SSD 16, 32, or 64 GB
Bluetooth 2.1 and 802.11a/b/gn Wi-Fi
The 3G iPads will use GSM micro SIMs
speaker and microphone, integrated compass, and accelerometer
10 hours of battery